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My work which ranges in its mediums, often focuses on abstraction and repetition. My work is not meant to be self-expressive. I make it to be purely aesthetic. Abstraction allows me the freedom to focus on other aspects such as shape and color, while allowing the viewer to interpret what they want. I believe that art is subjective, and it is this aspect that I like the most, that each person can come away with a different meaning.


However, while completely abstract, each piece is often reminiscent of things that are found in nature. This is because people will subconsciously seek patterns out of random information. I have been told that in my work people have seen such things as cityscapes, geological formations such as mountains and canyons, as well as, coral, cells and other biological forms.

My main body of work are wall sculptures that are created with recycled magazines and junk mail. They are constructed by gluing rolled up strips of magazine pages onto wood panels. This process is very time consuming, made of approximately 12,000 to 15,000 rolls. Each piece starts unplanned and changes as it is being made. I believe that it is this spontaneity that make each piece more organic. The repetitiveness that is present in all my pieces means that there are no real focal points. Without somewhere for the eye to be drawn, the pieces become more immersive and hypnotic.

As wall sculptures, the play of light and shadow play an integral role. At different times of the day or depending on the specific lighting, the pieces seems to transform. Similar to this, perspective plays a role in how one sees color and depth. At a distance looking straight on, each piece seems to be monochromatic and flat, while up close or at a different angle, the viewer is able to pick up on variations in color and depth.

Like my wall pieces, my watercolors are purely abstract. Watercolor allows me the freedom to create pieces that are soft and ethereal. The addition of organic shapes drawn in white pen, provides a subtle contrast with the background while not overpowering it.


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